Ineffable Visions


Can you capture the icy wind; convert the swaying of icebergs into sky lines of frozen waters or performers of a choreography; detain the light which filters between the clouds; focus on the glare of ice floes; willingly manage the curtains that form rain and storms; break the spell of a magnificent view; remain-stay eternally seduced by nature’s beauty or daydream, if awake, between the purity of glaciers?... approaching the works of Diego Narvaez we share in this opportunity, in what is given to us when we approach his ineffable visions.

-          David Torres, Art Curator



Visiones de lo Inefable

Estas series reúnen el trabajo realizado durante y después del encuentro directo con los paisajes congelados de Antártica e Islandia. Esta es una selección de esas series, la cuál fue presentada como exposición en 2016. 

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Ineffable Visions

These Series comprise the work done during and after direct encounter with the frozen landscapes of Antarctica and Iceland. This is a selection of those series, which was presented in a solo show in 2016.  

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